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10 Ways to Save battery life on iPhone and iPad

10 Ways to Save battery life on iPhone and iPad

It was fully charged! Where has all the energy gone? As magical as it may seem, it's not magic at all. There are reasons for short battery life. There are multiple reasons to be taken under your control. Tune your device to use less energy by turning it off. Just kidding. Albeit many tips on how to save battery on iPhone you will find below are somehow related to turning something off.

The majority of the tips and tricks given in the article are applicable to all iOS versions starting from 7 on. They will do for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s. This is a complete guide of best solutions on how to save iPhone battery.

Let's finally begin our digital voodoo rituals!

Tip 1. Sabotage on board

The first step on the way for longer battery life will be identifying apps responsible for huge energy consumption. If your device is working on iOS 8 or higher you are lucky to have a nice built-in tool for the task. Go to Settings > Battery Battery Usage. There you will find the percentage of energy consumption by every app. The screen will also show you whether the number you see is related to background activity of the app or not. As now you know who ‘the bad guys’ are you can either make them use less resources (see the next tip) or delete the apps if you are not using them often. Sounds too drastic? Hey, you are the boss and it's your energy they are using after all.

How to check battery usage on iPhone

Tip 2. Do you need it refreshed?

Well, we bet the majority of apps you have installed take content from the big Internet outside. That's not a problem on its own. The problem is that many of them will use every single chance to refresh themselves they could possibly get. Sometimes they feel like dozens of refreshes per second is not a limit. Guess what you battery feels when it comes to dozens of apps wanting to be that much up-to-date all the time all at once? It suffers and leaves you surprised with the energy draining speed.

Background App Refresh option is turned on for all the apps by default. Remember, it does not prevent you from turning it off completely or at least setting your own rules. Go to Settings > General > Background App refresh. There is a slider at the top to stop background refreshing for all the apps. Depending on your user habits it might be reasonable to act a bit less straightforward. We mean use the list of apps below to fine tune the permissions. While you will most probably be ok with Facebook refreshing only when you actually go to the app (this pattern can really save battery life), at the same time you won't be happy missing a Whatsapp message or a Viber call. So, the main idea is to turn off background refresh for everything that is not vital, and leave automatic update for the apps that are really important.

how to save battery on iPhone

Tip 3. No more auto-updates for apps on iPhone

Your apps are updated automatically if your device is on iOS 7 or higher. That's great if you need to be among the first who will appreciate (or hate) developers’ efforts. In other cases consider turning auto-updates function off. It is among the factors shortening your battery life. You will still be able to update any app that has new version released any time you decide it is the time.

To turn Automatic Updates off go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, find Automatic Downloads section and switch Updates function off.

automatic downloads

Tip 4. Paralyze Parallax

Initially you will be impressed by parallax and all the motions and background animations iOS has to offer you. But eventually you will get used to it and won't pay so much attention to it. But it will continue to eat your battery, because the effects can't be viewed without extra load on graphics processor of your iPhone. If you choose to have some extra power and are ready to accept life without the home screen parallax go to Settings > General > Accessibility and switch the Reduce Motion off. One extra trick you can do is to set a static wallpaper.

How to save battery on iPhone 6s

Tip 5. Less brightness on iPhone

The screen of your device is one of the primary power drains you have to put up with. The brighter it is the more battery it takes. In most of the cases you can do with less brightness. Especially if you use your phone in dark environment. Save your battery and your eyes in this case. Reduce screen brightness. And make it brighter only when you really need it. Say during a sunny day.

Trust us, this single tip can make a huge difference. Device with brightness set half-way will live up to one and a half times longer than this same device with brightness set to maximum. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness (Wallpapers & Brightness for iOS 7), turn off Auto-brightness if it is on and set your brightness manually to somewhere half-way or below.

auto-brightness on iPhone 6

Tip 6. No vibration

It takes power for tiny motor to make your iPhone vibrate. Why waste battery in such a way unless you are in the situation when vibration is the only way to let you now there is a call or message waiting for your attention (it could be a crowded party where it is impossible to hear the sound of your ringtone or business meeting where you'd rather not let your phone ring). Usually it's enough to have your sound on without additional vibrating to know somebody is calling. Let the motor rest when receiving multiple messages, go to Settings > Sounds and turn vibration off.

how to turn vibration off on iPhone

It might also be beneficial to admit that you can leave without haptic feedback when you are typing. So consider turning this feature off too.

Tip 7. Location services

Do you have to keep the Maps app constantly open? No is the answer. Do you need to give your location information to all the apps that claim they need it? Most probably not. GPS is great but you will not use it more frequently than from time to time. When you actually need to know your location and get directions on how to reach a destination and when you want your iPhone to help you find the nearest cafe or whatever. So let location services rest for most of the time. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and set the switch to off position. This will turn the services off completely. If you want to still have them on for some apps, use the list on the screen of your phone to manage permissions.

To save even more battery life find System Services tab on Location Services screen and turn off Frequent Locations and Location-Based iAds options.

Tip 8. Limit iCloud

iCloud tries to automatically sync everything that you need or could possibly need without caring about the state of your battery. But will you really benefit from it? Tell iCloud to stop. At least to stop doing sync of your Safari bookmarks so frequently (if they are really valuable for you then leave the option turned on). Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off every option you are not really bothered about. Less iCloud attempts to upload something when you are not aware of it results in more energy saved for what you will do intentionally.

You can leave Backup option turned on. It works only when your iPhone is plugged in so turning the feature off has nothing to deal with saving battery life.

Tip 9. Wi-Fi

If you keep Wi-Fi option on even when you are not using it and are far from any open hotspot, you are undermining iPhone battery life. What the phone will be doing is constantly searching for a hotspot to connect to. And constantly failing... And constantly draining energy... Drop by drop. To avoid the situation build a habit to turn Wi-Fi off when you go out somewhere. You'll turn it on when there will be a need. The button is reachable from Control Centre. Just swipe up.

The only exception to the rule is Apple watch on your wrist. If you have the device, then keep Wi-Fi on, because it is a necessity for your small Apple ecosystem to work properly.

Tip 10. Airplane mode as ultimate plan

In case the battery is almost flat (and you don't have a chance to charge the phone) this tip may help you to extend battery life for an important call you will need to make in an hour. Or for you to still have a chance to check the map when you get off the train in a new area in 40 minutes. The tip is to turn on the Airplane mode. Yes, all cellular features are off in this mode. Yes, nobody will be able to call you. Yes, no 4G and no 3G. But it's the second best battery saving mode you have. The first being to have the whole device turned off.

Airplane mode is worth using when it is essential to save power for some planned actions in situation of power scarcity. The mode can be activated and deactivated from Control Centre. It will turn off the antenna which takes the lion's share of power resources. If cellular coverage in the area is poor, having antenna turned off is even more beneficial. The mode will prevent your iPhone from struggling to get the signal. You are still able to use Wi-Fi if you have a hotspot nearby. But don't use it excessively if your goal still is to save last drops of energy for an important task.

Bonus tip for iOS 9: Low Power Mode

New feature called Low Power Mode was introduced in iOS 9. Developers claim that it can save you up to three hours of battery life. What it does is turning off many of less vital features of your phone so you don't need to search for them in the Settings menu and shut them down one by one.

You can turn Low Power Mode on in Settings > Battery menu.

Now you know exactly how to save your iPhone battery. By implementing these simple tips you will ensure long life for your device between charging cycles. Reclaim your battery potential and don't be upset for it draining too fast ever again.

Do you have some funny stories related to your iPhone battery? Please, share the experience with the community in the comment section below.

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