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About Us

We are a non-commercial project. We make the rating of popular Apps based on market analysis and professional opinion of our experts. Every App gets installed and thoroughly tested by at least 10 people before the final review rolls out. Only the Apps that managed to impress with functionality, interface and unique features get to hit the list. Our ambition is to create an independent and unbiased chart of the Apps that deserve recognition, so we do not accept the offers for any sort of promotion in exchange for money.

Unlike the App Store that has the tools to upgrade any application to better positions in the rating (through traffic increase and installations), our site does not offer such questionable practices. All the developer can do is to send us his application for reviewing. However, it does not guarantee the product’s reaching the top list. Hence, we believe that by doing so we ensure our readers that only the best in business make it into out ratings of the top apps.