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The Best Fun Apps for iPhone 2015

The Best Fun Apps for iPhone 2015

Let’s face it, if we didn’t use our phones for fun, they wouldn’t have been this complicated. Simple calling, messaging, GPS and Internet functions would be sufficient. However, our phones have become our buddies that provide us with as much fun as we want. But how fun can it get? Find the right apps and you will never be sad again. Well, you might someday, but not till all the games have been played (is it even possible in modern world?). Being a bit more serious, you can find fun in relaxing activities, in quiz games, in shopping, whatever. And your iPhone was designed to help you with it! So to let some inspiration in, let's get to know what fun apps are trending in 2015.

1. Draw Something Free

Draw Something

The whole point of this game is to draw and guess what is drawn. Social interactions is what makes it super fun! Choose a friend to play with or play with a random person. You will be shown the process of creating a drawing. Your task is to guess what you see and combine the answer from the letters at the bottom of the screen. Stuck with a difficult word? There is a bomb to use. It'll blow up several letters that are not relevant to the drawing. After the riddle is solved it's your turn to let your inner painter out.  You can choose what to draw from three variants offered. Some of the words are harder to explain visually, but they'll give more coins. Good news, no actual drawing skills are required to have fun in this social game, feel free to doodle! But beware, the game is extremely addictive! Don't believe? More than 7 billion drawings have already been created in Draw Something. Be aware!

2. Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Remember yourself loving colors back in your childhood? What color was your favorite? Now as you are an adult this passion is long gone, isn't it? Yet we believe it's still in you! Even if it has been deep asleep for years. Time to awake it and lose some stress as a side-effect (probably the best side-effect ever). Relax and face the colors with Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults. Colorfy offers you multiple categories, such as Florals, Animals, Famous, Messages, Cats, etc. You will see many yet colorless pictures to choose from in every category. Once you've made up your mind about what picture to color, tap it and start the journey. Choose the color you like and fill different areas of the image with it by simple tapping. Zoom in if you want to work with fine details. Zoom out if you need to see the whole picture. You can always return to your partially colored picture and finish it or change some details. After you are done, the app will offer you to show your friends how colorful your world is by sharing the picture.

3. Two Dots

Two Dots and that's it? Two sounds too simple! Don't worry, you'll get to see thousands of colorful dots in this game full of nice animations. So start training your brain in a pleasant way. You will be introduced to a screen full of dots. You are to combine dots of the same colors in lines (in a kind of "vertihorizontal" zigzag lines to be more precise). The more of them you are able to get at a time the better for you, because your moves are limited. And you have a particular task for each level (for instance to get 15 blue, 15 yellow and 15 red connected dots). Learn to make super combinations and feel confident in any dots layout offered by the game. It may look simple, but believe us, it's not. You'll need to be strategic. And a bit of a spoiler now (or is it a valuable hint?) - although you might think the game is all about dots, it is actually all about squares. Whatever it may mean. Have fun, it's worth it!

4. Guess the Movie?

Guess the Movie

You think you know the movies, don't you? Let's check how good you are. Guess the movie app is here to show you simplified posters, so that you need to guess what movies they are about. If you know the answer just type it in. Well, if you are stuck, then you are to watch all the famous movies of, let's say, at least past 30 years. And take an exam in special Guess the movie academy in Washington DC afterwards to continue playing the game. Of course, we are kidding, there are hints to help you! This quiz game might be of real fun if you gather with your friends and try to deal with it (or handle it in case of a fail) together. And you know what's the best part of this app? After all you can end up watching great movies with your friends. So don't forget to buy popcorn before playing Guess the movie game.

5. Hay Day

Another farm simulator? Yes, it is. But not without a big chance to become your favorite one. You are starting with receiving a letter from your uncle who offers you to move to the countryside and take charge of his small old farm. Will you agree? You definitely will! The farm is in bad condition, so you will have to try hard to grow from a small, nearly abandoned place in the woods to the farm empire of dream. Get tools, seed, produce, build, repair, trade, expand your territory (a kind of quest on its own). Trade part of it can be done not only with the game characters but also with other players through special newspaper interface which definitely makes the game more exciting. Lovely graphics and different small perks are to become a cherry on this cake.

6. Wish - Shopping Made Fun


If you wish to have a shopping mall right under your fingertips you’ve got to check out the Wish app. The app allows you to browse through multiple categories of goods starting from different kinds of clothes and ending with electronics. And what's that special about it? Huge discounts of up to 80% for trending items. After creating an account you can easily add goods you like to your wish list and buy them when you are ready. Some things are amazingly cheap and you won't be disappointed with their quality. Of course, it's reasonable to make a small research beforehand: it's quick and easy to check the seller’s rating and item reviews through the Wish app before making the actual purchase. Based on what you are interested in, the app will suggest you other items that you may like. So try it now and soon you will be happy with your newly-bought stuff.

7.  Beat the Boss 2

Beat the Boss 2

If you are upset with your job and secretly hate your boss, this app may help you to let your anger out. What are you supposed to do? Take sweet vengeance for everything that has ever hurt your feelings. You are offered to try more than 100 different more or less deadly weapons (where else can you render justice with potato chips... wait a sec... with potato chips as a weapon?). And there is no room for mercy. 9 interactive scenes and different types of bosses will help you release the stress. Funny as it may sound, the game has millions of installs. Hope now we have millions of less stressed people on the streets.

8. Words With Friends

Words With Friends iPhone

If you have friends and know words, try to play Words With Friends. If you don't have friends and you don't know words, play Words With Friends - get friends, know words! The game offers you to play either against your friend or against someone else from the list of people waiting to get into words battle. All starts with the main "battlefield" grid. With every turn you'll be given a bunch of letters to be combined into a word which is to be somehow attached to existing word/words. Relax for the first turn, there is yet no words written in the grid, so no need to glue your first word to any other letters. The more letters are there in your word, the bigger the chance you will win after all. Combining new words may take time, but you don't need to wait in front of the grid for a new word to appear. The game will send you push-notification when it's your turn. In fact you can play several battles simultaneously. Just switch between them when it's needed. You can chat with your opponent through special interface. You can use built-in dictionary and Word of the Day functions to improve your vocabulary. And one last thing - if you feel too introverted today, there is a Solo Play mode.

Now that you've seen the chart of 2015 best fun apps, use the power of your great mobile device to put smile on your face! How much more fun apps that you may like are there in App Store? A lot, if not to say thousands. Discover new applications in different categories and enjoy your life even more. If you already have favorites (we believe you do!), feel free to tell us about them in the comments section.