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Full Fitness - One of the best fitness Apps Review 

Full Fitness - One of the best fitness Apps Review 

The legend says that the app was initially called iFitness. You can trace its roots back to 2008. Since then it has grown in popularity, happened to be pulled off App Store, probably changed a developer and came back again. Now it's in, now it's called Full Fitness. And it's ready to make your muscles strong. Enough history, let's see what this one of the best fitness apps for iPhone can offer to its users today.

The interface may seem a bit outdated, yet it's really easy to navigate and get a good tutorial on how to work out. There are five tabs on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen: Exercises, Workouts, Programs, History and More.


Exercises are grouped into categories: abdominals, arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, cardio and stretches. After you choose a category you'll see extensive list of exercises relevant to the category. Let's say you choose abdominals. You'll get dozens of exercises to build your abs. Tap the one you like most and get visual instruction on how to perform it. Find five buttons on the upper bar. The first button will flip the screen to show you verbal description of the exercise. It'll also tell you what muscles are working during the exercise and what level of exercise difficulty is on. The second button will help you to keep records of your workouts. Make notes about the weight you work with, number of repetitions and state other information in the additional field if needed. This function will help you to build your performance graphs. The third button is there to explain in details how you are supposed to perform the exercise with the help of video. The forth button stands for graphs. If you are good at keeping records, Full Fitness app will build graphs of the progress for you. With the fifth button you can bookmark the exercise and add it to your custom workout program.

Back to the Exercises screen you will find several more categories. One of them is "exercises by muscle". After tapping this line you will be shown a picture of human body. Now you choose the area you want to train and get the list of suitable exercises. One more option is "exercises by equipment". It'll help you to find exercises that are to be performed with certain equipment.


Full Fitness Review

Workouts tab is meant to assist you with creating custom workout routine. What you need to do to start is to tap a "new" button and name your workout. After these simple actions you will get to the screen, divided into several zones. On the left you will find different exercises categories grouped by muscles and equipment needed. Choose one of the categories and check all the exercises relevant to it at the right part of the screen. It's quite easy to get the concept of each and every exercise on the spot because along with the name of an exercise there is a nice preview image. To add an exercise to your workout you should drag its card over to the bottom part of the screen. When you are done with gathering the exercises, tap save button. That's it, your workout is ready to be tested in real life.

Find your newly-created workout in the list at the Workouts tab. Feel free to use it whenever you are in the mood to exercise. You can edit the training program at any time and make notes about your progress in it.


Programs tab grants you an opportunity to use dozens of ready workout routines. You will find great professional programs designed for different goals and fitness levels. The screen itself offers you names of the programs and short reviews about them. There are two additional sections (sport specific and goal oriented) to filter workout routines according to what you are expecting to get. As soon as you choose a program you will be introduced to longer description of the program and get the list of exercises associated with the routine.


History tab is there to show you all the info about your previous workout sessions (of course, if you were not too lazy to add the info during or after training). You can choose the period of time you want to see the workout info from. It can be as short as your last session or as long as the entire history of your fitness journey with Full Fitness (with some options in between like a week or a month). Keep records and check how you are doing. That's a good way to gather info for future analysis of your performance. It will allow you to correct your behavior, attitude or workload if the results appear not to be as good as you want them to be. The last option on the screen is "Email workout history". Know about it, just in case you'll ever want to send your workout history to somebody.


The name of the tab is not lying. Press "More" and you will get more. That's what you will find:

  1. Calorie calculator. Indeed, why not to track your eating habits, when you've firmly decided that working out is your way. The option gives you the tool for it. But first you should download the database (around 10MB). And you'll need to add info about the amount and type of the food you eat to the program. If you don't want to, just forget about the option. It'll still be there when you are finally ready to take your eating patterns more seriously.
  2. Body weight tracker. Set your current weight and don't forget to put in new numbers discovered during your future weight-ins from time to time. It'll help you to understand whether you are going straight to your aim, standing still or ... No "or". You have the app, so use it to reach your ultimate fitness goals.
  3. Body mass index. Want to know your BMI? Enter your height, age, sex and weight. Press "Calculate". The answer is on the screen of your phone. Use it to decide what fitness program to take to reach your optimal body mass index. In case of excess weight concentrate on cardio, in case you need to gain extra pounds think about lifting heavy weights.
  4. iCloud sync. Be able to sync the data with your other iOS devices.
  5. Backup and restore. The option is here in case you think you may someday lose all the information on your previous workouts and be upset with the fact.
  6. Workout sharing tool. If you've built workout program that is worth sharing, share it!
  7. A bunch of lines that are not so exciting (profiles, settings, contact information).

Although not every single option in "More" menu is that much useful, there are still some functions you might find handy.


Full Fitness app is not free, which is a minus, but it's fully packed with features giving it a chance to become a good personal fitness trainer for you. Despite of its outdated design the app gives you great flexibility with hundreds of exercises grouped according to the muscles used to perform them. You will find exercises for any fitness levels and personal sport preferences and be able to create custom workouts and track you progress. Thus Full Fitness seems to be worth installing, especially if you feel that extensive exercise database is what may help you on your way to personal wellness.