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How to check data usage on your iPhone

How to check data usage on your iPhone

iPhone and Internet are inseparable. Both of them even have "i" to start with. To be bound to everlasting Wi-Fi spots or to be geographically free with limited mobile data usage plan? The combination we choose to use. And we are not enemies for our own wallets, are we? So while enjoying all the great possibilities mobile Internet has to offer us you most likely want to stay on the safe side of your data plan. That's easy if you check data usage stats on your iPhone (5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus) from time to time. Find how to get the information below.

Step 1

Go to the Home screen of your device. Find Settings icon and tap it.

Step 2

Find Cellular tab in the first section of options. Proceed to it.

If your device is working under iOS 6, the path to the tab will look like General > Usage > Cellular Usage.

how to check data usage on iPhone

Step 3

You will find your cellular data usage information (sent and received combined) in Cellular Data Usage section. It reflects data usage for current period of time (since your last Statistics reset).

This simple native iPhone solution may be very helpful if you don't want to occasionally exceed your plan data usage limits (and pay extra money for overpriced megabytes). Build a habit to check the stats once in a while, thus you will know if you need to cut down your data usage to fit in the monthly limit.

It is a good idea to reset the stats at the beginning of each data usage cycle (scroll down to the bottom of Cellular Usage screen to find the reset button). This simple step ensures that the information you get is accurate and relevant to the actual cycle.

How to check data usage on an iPhone

There is a list of apps granted the right to use cellular data under Cellular Data Usage section of Cellular screen. It is designed to let you find out what apps devour your data and fine tune permissions to prevent some of the apps from using cellular data. The list is organized in alphabetical order for convenience of search.

3 Bonus Tips: How to Reduce High Data Usage on your iPhone

Tip 1

Automatic updates of apps might be big data consumers. It's a good idea to wait for the opportunity to use Wi-Fi to get new versions of apps installed. Take control over your data by turning off these updates. Go to App and iTunes Stores tab in Settings menu, find Use Cellular Data option and simply turn it off.

How to reduce data usage on your iPhone 6,6s

Tip 2

This tip will help you save data and extend battery life. Lots of apps installed on your device refresh regularly in background. By preventing them from doing it you will inevitably preserve some data and energy. You should go to Settings menu, proceed to General tab and choose Background App Refresh. Here you can turn off background refresh of all apps with one slider or review the list of apps and decide which apps will still have permission to refresh whenever they want.

checking data usage on iPhone and reduce high data usage

Tip 3

If you are a heavy user of Facebook and/or Twitter you will like this simple trick. Both of the apps have video autoplay feature turned on by defaults. Although it is a valuable enhancement of user experience it drains your data even if you are not watching those videos in your news feed.

To disable autoplay feature in the Facebook app:

  • Launch the app;
  • Go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos;
  • Tap Autoplay option and either choose to allow autoplay only when using Wi-Fi or completely disable the feature.

To disable autoplay feature in the Twitter app:

  • Launch the app;
  • Choose Me tab, tap gear icon and get to Settings;
  • Tap Video autoplay option. Now feel free to allow autoplay only when using Wi-Fi or turn the feature off.

Keep an eye on your data usage, follow these simple tips and you will be sure to stay within your plan limits. If you have some additional cellular data usage tips and tricks to share with the community you are welcome to leave them in the comments section below.

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