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Sworkit Lite - Personal Workout Trainer App Review

Sworkit Lite - Personal Workout Trainer App Review

You want to be fit and healthy, don't you? But what do you do to reach this goal? Of course, easier said than done. You need to find time not only to exercise but also to go to gym. And you need money for that, and everybody will be looking at you there. Better leave this idea for better days... No! No way! Sworkit Lite is in the game, so that you didn't have excuses to miss out on the training journey. Start it and take all the best of what your new personal mobile instructor offers.



The app will greet you with Sign Up/Sign In screen. Create an account to get access to additional exercises and be able to sync your stats and workouts on different devices. If you are not ready to Sign up, simply skip the screen. Main screen of Sworkit Lite is divided into 4 sections that correspond to different categories of workout (strength, cardio, yoga and stretching). At the bottom of the screen you will find a button to create custom workouts (you can either design a completely new workout or choose a popular one). Right in the center of the screen you'll find the orange circle - it's a quick button to immediately start 5 minute workout.

After you choose the category of workout you'll be offered several more options to specify the type of workout. The next screen is designed to help you set the time you want to grant to improve your body. Workout can take up to 60 minutes. Use the circle to set the time (the scale has 5 minute intervals). If you want to be really precise, tap the number in the middle of the circle or "choose a custom length" option below and you will get a chance to set the exact time of your workout routine. Every single exercise will last 30 seconds by default. Now you are ready to push "Begin Workout" button and start your training.

What you will see next is a screen with the exercise name, video instruction on how to perform it and a counter that'll show how much time it is left till the next exercise. Find how much time is left till the end of workout at the upper left corner of the screen. Sworkit Lite will pronounce the name of current exercise so if you already know how to do it there will be no need to check the video on your phone. It's nice when you want to concentrate on your workout. At the bottom of the screen you will find buttons to play/pause the activity and to skip an exercise.

The motto of Sworkit is "No gym, no excuse". And you know what? With such a simple way to start caring about your body you will have no excuse.


First of all let's see what exact types of workout we are offered in different categories of Sworkit Lite. For strength it'll be full body, upper body, core strength and lower body. For cardio stimulation it can be light warm up, full intensity, plyometrics jump or boot camp. Options for yoga are sun salutation, full sequence, yoga for runners and pilates. And Stretching section is divided into head to toe warm up stretch, full body, standing only and back stretching.

Sworkit uses a nice algorithm to create workouts which ensures that every time you use workouts offered, the app will find at least some new exercises to do. These "randomness" makes the whole process much more fun. You won't get bored.

To give you the best possible experience Sworkit has a music icon on the action bar. You press it and get to the screen with great playlists for working out. You can use them if you have Spotify music app installed.

If you are more into doing specific exercises, feel free to create your own training programs with a help of "custom workout" button which resides on the main screen of the app. Choose from almost two hundred exercises stored in the catalog. Exercises are divided into groups to help you understand what they are good for. Tailor your own routine and use it for your own training success.

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After a workout is over you will be shown a screen with info on how many calories you have burnt (make sure you've put in your weight in Settings menu) and how long the training was. You get medals if you are doing well. Gamification is indeed a good idea to encourage you train more frequently. If you feel like sharing your achievement with your friends, use the ‘share’ button located under your stats.

Useful tips

It's a general tip that'll keep you healthy and energized – turn workout into your habit! Better daily habit. To make this happen use Sworkit built-in reminders. You'll find a special tab for them in the menu. The app allows you to set a daily reminder and a reminder that will ring only if you forget to exercise several days in a row.

Start with workouts as short as 5 minutes and then build your training routine up to 20 or more minutes. If 5 minutes seem to be a long period of time at the beginning, make it just 1 minute. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It'll help you to form a habit. And the habit will bring you all the way up to your health and fitness goals.


To see the whole picture of what Sworkit Lite is, we've gathered pluses and minuses of the app below:


  • The app is with you wherever you are. Train at home, exercise during your trips to other countries, workout at your summerhouse;
  • You don't need to have equipment or go to gym to stay fit with Sworkit;
  • Hundreds of exercises are bundled into great workout programs in the app;
  • You can set time of training to suit your needs and get random exercises combined not to feel bored;
  • It'll help you stay motivated with medals and reminders;
  • The app is localized in many languages.


  • The app is quite large, almost 100MB;
  • As long as you use free version of the app, accept the fact that there will be ads;
  • You can't change length of each separate exercise and pauses between them unless you buy a full version of the app.

As we see there are more pluses than minuses and the positives are of much higher quality (having to grant 100MB of free space in the name of your wellness is not that big a sacrifice, is it?). Well, it's still you, who will be working to become fit, because the app simply can't do it instead of you. But if you have even a tiny bit of initial motivation, install the app and make your way to great body. Sworkit Lite will do its best to make your decision a habit and assist you in reaching your fitness goals.