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Tinder - Best Dating App Review

Tinder - Best Dating App Review

The world will never be the same again. Everything is developing and changing. Technology comes to our everyday life and gives us a new way to ... live. Even process of finding a match has evolved dramatically. Several decades ago the process seemed to be impossible without actively attending parties and social events. Nowadays dozens of websites are ready to help you with your search. Can there be any more of it? There is. And "there is" is called Tinder. Coming straight to your iPhone to change the dating world.

A simple concept combined with great interface was to become Tinder. The app that shows you potential matches within a chosen distance. You won't know much about a person the first time you see him/her (sounds like real life thing, doesn't it?) on your screen. Yet you'll know enough to have that first impression of "liking" or "not liking". If you liked somebody and that person liked you while surfing through hundreds of profiles, congratulations - it is a match! No place for shyness or pain of rejection, everything is anonymous until both of you do "like" each other. Let's see closer how it works.


First time you open Tinder app, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account. Currently it is the only way you can get an account on Tinder. The app will get basic info from your FB profile and automatically import up to 6 of your profile images. You can go to your Tinder profile page (through the menu button located at the top left corner of the screen) to change images that other users will see, but the choice will still be limited to pictures you have uploaded to your Facebook account. As you happen to be on your profile page to choose the best pictures for uploading, it's a good idea to fill in several fields about yourself. You can type in some facts (with limit up to 500 characters), state where you are/were studying and where you work. You can also link your Instagram account to Tinder on this screen for other users to see more photos in your Tinder profile.

tinder app UI

One more thing you would probably like to do before exploring hundreds of other people profiles is tuning your Discovery settings. The app will automatically use your current location obtained through GPS as a point of reference for searching potential matches. You can set custom locations if you upgrade your free plan to Tinder Plus (can cost from 3$ up to approximately 25$ a month depending on the country, gender and age of user). Choose gender of people whose profiles you want to see (it can be women, men or both). Next comes the distance. Set the limit of how far from you can people shown to you be (from 1 mile up to 100 miles). The last but not the list is age setting. Set the range anywhere between 18 and 55+. Now let's return to the very top of discovery settings screen. Here you will find discovery option. Turn it off if you don't want to see new profiles and don't want your profile to be shown to other Tinder users anymore. All your previous matches and conversations will still be there. Feel free to continue chatting with people you already know.

After everything is set up you are ready to start the hunt for matches! Main screen UI concept is very simple and effective. You are shown a picture of a person with his/her name, age and information either about education or work. If you like the person - swipe right. If you don't like him/her - swipe left. If you feel something more than simple like, swipe up - give the person "super like"!

At the bottom of the screen there are 4 circles in case you prefer to tap rather than to swipe. The first yellow circle is to get back the previous person (in case you realized that your initial on-spot decision was false), but you can use it only if you are subscribed to Tinder Plus. The red cross button is to discard a person. The green heart stands for like. The blue star grants the lucky one a super-like.

Want to get some extra info about a person? Tap his/her photo and you will have an opportunity to see extra photos, info on how far he/she is from you, whether you have mutual friends on Facebook and a short written self-introduction made by the person. Discard, like or super like the person by tapping relevant button at the bottom of the screen.

If you've liked a person and the person has liked you, then the magic begins. Both of you will be shown "It's a match" screen and offered to write a message to each other. Start the conversation and it may soon become a real date. Of course, if both of you want it. You can view all of your matches on a separate screen (tap icon at the top right corner of main screen) and access the chats from it.

That's all about Timber UI. As soon as you understand swiping basics you'll find the interface to be very clear and intuitive.


Tinder Features

Tinder was designed to help you find persons to date. Developers have managed to create the app that is super addictive, even given the fact it's not a game app. One's you've started to swipe potential matches, you may spend quite a long time doing this and chatting with newly-discovered matches.

How many people are using the app? Somewhat around 50 million. And 10 million of them use Tinder daily. 9 billion matches all in all up to now. 416,667 swipes per minute. Is this app contagious or the world has just gone wild? Both of this. Don't be surprised if you see some celebrities in the app. If there is a small blue tick near the name saying "notable public figure, celebrity or athlete", it has been verified and 100% real. See how far it has already gone.

The app itself is pretty simple. Set up your profile, connect it to Instagram if you want to have extra photos viewed for those who are watching your info and describe yourself in a hundred of words. Proceed with tuning several filters for gender, distance and age and you are all ready to start like/discard/wait-for-a-match game.

The free part of the process, unfortunately, is not limitless, yet it's more than enough for a user not to feel cut off of real value of the project. As for now you have around 100 likes till you get a message that the limit is exceeded. But after 12 hours you'll get your free likes again. Those who are subscribed to Tinder Plus can enjoy unlimited swiping right.

"Super like" function is even more valuable (otherwise why would anybody need to distinguish between regular and super likes?). As a free plan user you can use only one super like a day. Even Tinder Plus users have a limit here, which is 5 super likes a day. What will the function give to a user? You will be 3 times more likely to match with a person and as statistics show conversations may happen to be 70% longer compared to those started with regular like. Unlike the usual practice where your potential match doesn't know whether you have swiped him/her right, super like ensures that the person you've chosen will see a bright blue footer and star icon when viewing your profile. Thus the person will know that you feel special about him/her.

From time to time you may happen to discard a person you like by mistake. There is nothing you can do with this if you are a free user. Just let it go. But if you are using Tinder Plus feel the power of mighty undo button and see the person back again to your screen.

Tinder Plus also allows you to set custom locations. You won't be bound to your GPS module any more. If you are planning to visit another city or country and want to try your luck there, you can start searching a match in advance.

Useful Tips

Tinder gets more and more users every day and as the number grows, people become more deliberate. How to be successful on Tinder? How to get more matches? Check some useful tips below.


One can't underestimate the power of photos. Choose the wrong photo as a main one and nobody will ever like you on Tinder. Your choice of photo may be crucial. First of all make sure that the photo is of good quality. Don't ever put a photo where you are not alone as a main one. Potential matches won't know whom they are supposed to like. Guess what it means? In most cases your card will end up being discarded. Don't hide your eyes behind sunglasses. People want to see your face! That's also the reason why it is better not to use photos where you are so far from the camera that you look like an ant. A selfie can do but only if it was done in the right place and you look really attractive on it.

To sum up, show your face on the main photo. Smile. Emit positive energy. Additional photos are also a must. Use them wisely to show the best part of you.


You have only 500 characters to tell potential match who you are. Don't use those precious lines to write something awkward. Concentrate on the things that make you and your life special. What are you fond of? What are you proud of? Remember, it shouldn't be some boring detailed text about something that is not important even for you. Keep short. And most importantly, be creative. Thus you will ignite a spark of interest in those who see your profile.

How to start a dialogue

tinder match screen

Wow. There is a match screen! What to do next? First of all understand that the fact you see the screen means the person has already found you attractive or interesting or even both. It is a kind of victory. But that doesn't mean you can write whatever you want to your newly-discovered match. Write something mean and you will never get a reply. Of course, there is no universal recipe for building up a dialogue, but there still are great ideas of how to start a conversation. For instance, to break the ice you can tell the person why you liked his/her profile. This will show that you are really interested (at least you've seen the photos and read the bio). Your match would like to receive relevant first message. If you need suggestions that are more abstract - personalize the message and avoid generic lines. Break the ice and then improvise.


Let's start with cons and make it all the way down to pros, because despite the fact there definitely are some drawbacks we believe you should give Tinder a try.

As to the cons of the app, first of all, the platform is strictly mobile. There is no desktop version of Tinder. Either you have the app installed or you don't use Tinder. The second is that although the majority of profiles on Tinder are real there is still a chance to bump into a fake personality. That's why you should stay aware. If a nice conversation leads you to a real date, inform somebody about it and agree it to be in some public place. You should also know that there is not much initial investment for finding a match on Tinder that's why it could be something like "easy come easy go". Don't rely too much on the app if you are searching to build up long-term relationship. Nevertheless there are examples of happy couples and marriage proposals that wouldn't be real without Tinder.

Now what about the pros? Tinder is 100% worth installing. Even if just for checking how the concept works. If you are single and want to find a match, it'll definitely give you the chance. With the app you don't need to fear rejection. You will get in contact only with those who have initially liked you. Using Tinder is really easy and quick to start if you have a Facebook account. You can set distance limit which ensures you won't need to fly overseas to meet a match. After all it's simply fun. And who knows, maybe it will help you to find the one?